Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Exciting News!

One of our lovely ladies, Nugget, has had a litter. Her new arrivals were born last Thursday and all are doing well. Photos to follow, once they are old enough!

Hunny's bundles of joy

Monday, 19 October 2009

Let me start by introducing you to our current cats..

We have six cats in total, 4 beautiful girls and 2 hunky boys.

Chiara, is one of our gorgeous breeding queens, she has over the years produced the most stunning litters of brown rossetted kittens. She is 5th generation pedigree.

Here is Hunny another of our queen's. She has stunning golden brown rossetted markings. She is 5th generation pedigree.

Nugget is our golden spotted Bengal and carries the marble gene. She is a great mum and a loving cat. She is 3rd generation pedigree. Here is our youngest Lara, she is a baby at only 8 months. She is absolutely stunning, the daughter of Chiara and Romeo, our stud, and we are hoping for big things from her. Just look how beautiful she is! Now for our boys. Our main stud is Romeo , he has amazing pedigree, an import from the German breeder Brockenmoor and produces the most beautiful kittens. He is a gentleman through and through and loves his cuddles. He is 5th generation pedigree.
Leo is our stud in waiting, at just under a year old he is yet to breed but as you can see he has exquisite markings. He is a real cheeky chappy and always puts a smile on your face. He is 5th generation pedigree.


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